• Why Your Site Can Benefit From Google Direct Answers
    [March 9, 2016] Webmasters have been concerned for years about the rich answers/direct answers that Google shows at the top of search results. These are the times when Google provides information directly on the search results page as opposed to sending you to another site. The fear is that if Google is giving users the info right there […]
  • Less is the new more when it comes to social posting frequency
    [February 1, 2016] A friend of mine raised a question we’ve heard before on Facebook the other day: How many times should I be posting to Facebook per week? A question that’s been asked by thousands of clients and company-side folks over the last few years (but a question I haven’t heard in quite a while, actually). And, […]
  • Facebook Adds Customer Service Features, Twitter Makes Mixed Changes
    [December 16, 2015] Both Facebook and Twitter have been futzing around with their interfaces this week, plus we’ve made 9 bold predictions for 2016 that you’re not going to want to miss, in this week’s Social You Should Know. FACEBOOK ADDS CUSTOMER SERVICE FEATURES Are you one of the 50 million businesses with a Facebook page? Are you one […]
  • The search marketing no one talks about
    [November 16, 2015] Search has been around a long time–since 1995–and even Google has been around since 1998. You would think that by now that we would all be doing every kind of search marketing there is. And most of us think that we are. But most of us are wrong. I am sure that you are working […]
  • Why Brand Building Gives Your SEO a Power Boost
    [October 13, 2015] There is more to building up a business’ online authority than what the search engine algorithms see. In fact, there is another type of authority building has been around far longer than search engines and the web. I’m talking about brand authority. Building website authority is essential to a successful web marketing campaign. But so […]
  • 5 Killer SEO Tactics of Yesterday That Will Get You Killed Today
    [September 14, 2015] I’m willing to bet you came across this article because you were looking for the latest and greatest tactics to be found in the world of SEO. No shame in that. We all want to keep up with the algorithms and maybe even get out ahead of them a bit. But as you read your […]
  • Facebook May Update Facebook Notes
    [August 20, 2015] Do you remember Facebook Notes? Believe it or not, you can still write notes on Facebook. A relic of the past, Facebook notes have pretty much fallen out of favor with the social networking crowd. This might be the first time you’ve even thought about them in years. Go try to compose a new note […]
  • Link Interaction Has Improved On Facebook
    [July 21, 2015] It looks like links are getting better for interactions on Facebook as interactions on other post types are on the decline.
  • Pinterest Receives New Features To Help Search
    [June 18, 2015] Pinterest is generally thought of as a visual social network, but the company has been trying to shed that image. It wants people to think of its product as being about the users themselves rather than the user’s friends. While there is certainly a social element, and the content is coming from other people – […]
  • What have you learned from Mobilegeddon?
    [May 21, 2015] What pundits refer to as Mobilegeddon was the big change in Google’s search algorithm. Google has begun downgrading sites that don’t use responsive design or in some other way optimize their display on small screen sizes. It’s caused a minor panic among sites that weren’t ready.
  • 9 Reasons to Take Keyword Research Beyond SEO
    [May 1, 2015] When the marriage of Content + SEO + Social became official back in about 2009 (although some states still don’t recognize it) the act of keyword research became a vastly different animal. While SEO pros still use keyword research today as a means of identifying terms and phrases to use to optimize pages on a […]
  • Google Rolls Out Updates To App Install and Engagement Ad Offerings!
    [April 3, 2015] Google announced several changes to its app install and app engagement ad offerings on Tuesday. App install ads have been made available on the search network, YouTube and AdMob networks over the past year, and now Google is making inventory available for these units on the Google Display Network for Android app marketers.
  • Google Provide Tips on Making Websites Mobile-Friendly
    [March 3, 2015] As you’re probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly should get a rankings boost. This will remain just one of many signals Google takes into account when ranking content, but it’s going to be an important one.
  • How Paid Search Was Impacted By The Yahoo/Firefox Deal
    [January 26, 2015] In November, Yahoo and Mozilla announced a new partnership, which would make Yahoo the default search experience in the Firefox browser beginning with version 34, which was released in early December.
  • New Facebook Publishing Tools Gives Brands More Control
    [December 17, 2014] On December 10th, Facebook quietly announced new publishing tools aimed at better supporting the needs of media companies and content publishers.
  • After Google, It’s Bing & Yahoo Complying with European Right to be Forgotten Rules!
    [December 2, 2014] Search engines Bing and Yahoo have commenced compliance with the European Right to Be Forgotten Rules. They have just removed a series of search results recently. The EU Court of Justice had made a ruling in May that any person has the right to have “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer relevant” data completely taken out […]
  • Top 10 Content Marketing Posts of 2015
    [November 3, 2014] Over the past 5 years we’ve published over 380 articles about content marketing here on Online Marketing Blog. It’s a big topic after all – with plenty of opportunity to help marketers better understand the planning, creation, management, promotion, measurement and performance optimization of content. After digging in to our web and social media analytics, […]
  • How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media
    [October 16, 2014] A little later this morning I will be presenting a webinar entitled How to Build Your Influencers in Social Media. It’ll probably be a lot different than you’d expect. In this webinar, I will be discussing all the things you’ll need to do to improve yourself, your position, your reputation, your attachment to and connection […]
  • Eric Schmidt Says “We Built Google for Users, Not Websites”
    [September 18, 2014] Google has said it before, but now it has said it again: “We built Google for users, not websites.” Think you got a raw deal from a recent algorithm change? Sorry, they built Google for users, not websites.
  • Is Big Brother Watching Tumblr?
    [August 26, 2014] You’ve already seen the power of search marketing. It’s not a coincidence that the dresses you’ve been looking at or the bike you’ve been drooling over constantly appear in on screen adverts and all over Facebook. For a while now Google et al have been watching what you’ve been looking at, reading your profiles and […]
  • Blog Comments, Digital Universes, and the Future of Social Conversations
    [August 8, 2014] Back in “the good old days”, conversations around a blog post would happen at source – the blog itself. This led to a few direct results:
  • 5 point quality assurance checklist for your social media posts
    [July 31, 2014] Your social media engagement traffic, engagement, and exposure are critical to your success. You need to score home runs with every piece of content.
  • Extend The Life Of Your Content Marketing With These Tips
    [June 27, 2014] Ever have one of those dreams where you’re running a race and if you don’t win, you’ll turn into a big blue chicken? Hmm, maybe not. How about running a race only to find you never actually finish because you’re on a treadmill? That’s how a lot of marketers feel about their Sophomore content marketing […]
  • Improving PPC Performance: 10 competitive monitoring tips every search marketer should know
    [June 5, 2014] Yesterday, Lori Weiman of The Search Monitor presented our latest webinar with 10 tips to improve your pay per click (PPC) results. Imagine how well your PPC campaigns would perform if you had full visibility into the activity of competitors and industry leaders. Most marketers don’t realize these tools exist, but it’s not hard to […]
  • Lurkers are the 99.989% of Social Media
    [May 8, 2014] Sam Fiorella, Partner at Sensei Marketing, recently wrote “Community Management: The 90-9-1 Rule is Dead,” about how the old concept that 90% of all your followers are just lurking, 9% are engaged, and that only 1% of the community actively produces content. Sam believes this is dead and that it’s closer to 70%/20%/10%, according to […]