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Welcome to Day 2 of live coverage of #seschi 2011! My second session of the day discussed the Convergence of Search, Social, and Content Marketing. The session consists of 3 high profile panelists and the biggest audience I’ve seen yet at the show! This should be GREAT!

Find out what the experts: Aaron Kahlow, Arnie Kuenn, and Lee Odden, had to say about this topic.

To kick things off is Aaron Kahlow, Chairman & Founder of Online Marketing Summit, discussed the session foundation, What is convergence? Kahlow explains how convergence is bringing all 3 marketing functions together and how understanding how all three of these marketing function effect each other and how marketers can converge these functions to increase the return on investment, both in time and money.

Next up is Arnie Kuenn (@ArnieK), President of Vertical Measures, to discuss the importance of content marketing efforts and how to begin.

Why Focus on Content?

86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries.

Where Do You Start?

  • Keyword Research:  The foundation of everything. There are certainly ways to discover keywords, but the method that Kuenn’s suggestions, that you don’t hear everyday, is to talk/survey your customers and always think long tailed.
  • Do Online Research to find out what people are asking about and talking about: Check trending topics on Social sites, Check Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers, Check sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit, Check Google’s Discussion in search.
  • Find out what works for Your Competitors: Kuenn suggestions using SEOmoz’s Site Explorer tool.

Determine Types of Content to Create:

  • List the possibilities (Kuenn creates a spreadsheet for this) that take into account your core keywords, the long tail, the content type and the possible titles.
  • Get your employees involved: After creating the list, Kuenn then sends out the spreadsheet giving each employee 2-3 keywords for which they come up with content ideas for.
  • Create a calendar: Once the content ideas are in, begin creating a content calendar to ensure that the ideas are implemented into real content that is released at appropriate times.

Successful Results from Content Integration:  

You get found! Even as a small business competing with big brands.

Last but certainly not least is Lee Odden (@TopRank), SES Advisory Board & CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, to discuss the real convergence of search, social, and content marketing.

Odden begins with an analogy of the convergence of all 3 marketing function. Of course, he uses a food analogy right before lunch. Odden says that the convergence of Search, Social, and Content is like a PB&J. The peanut butter is the SEO, the jelly is the social, and the bread is the content that holds it all together.

Optimize for Consumer Behavior:

  • Optimize for Discovery (How were people let to their purchase? What it through search, social, email, newsletters, etc.?)
  • Optimize for Consumption (How do your prospects get hold of the information? Devices (mobile, computer), formats, media, time of day/week and freaquency?)
  • Optimize for Engagement (What content will inspire readers to: comment, share, rate/review, join, link, download, buy?)

CMO and SMO Framework

  • Research Customer Segments ->
  • Keywords, Topics, Message ->
  • Content and Promotion Plan ->
  • Optimize, Socialize and Promote ->
  • Preferences, Pain Point Behavior ->
  • Search and Social Data Sources ->
  • Topics, SEO Calendar, Repurpose ->
  • Social and SEO Networking, Link building.

Odden tells the audience to bring the ability to interact onto the website by adding blogs, social sharing buttons (with that you need social profiles) and through the attained interaction  Google will rank you better and thus bring in new customers and even more potential interaction.

The key is to plan in advance, create a calendar and have a strategy. Don’t just through out content!

Odden’s Takeaways:

  1. Take a Customer Centric Approach
  2. Incorporate SEO, SMO (Social) in Processes
  3. Practice Proactive Optimization: track the hot topics and ride the coattails


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